Who is Slice?

Slice Labs is an insurtech startup set to launch the world’s first on-demand insurance platform for the on-demand economy™. Think pizza, then think insurance for a slice of time. Make sense?

How does the per use coverage work?

Slice provides coverage on-demand, and for only the periods of time you need it. The Slice policy will automatically begin and end in perfect sync time you’re operating as a business, whether it’s minutes, days or weeks. And, you only pay for the dates and times you have a policy.

Will I have evidence of coverage?

Yes, indeed! Pull up your coverage through your mobile app, or download or print a PDF of your policy.

How do I file a claim?

Very easily within the Slice app. Claims will be settled fast, including the ability for you to settle your own claim!  In most cases your claim will be paid out instantly. For larger claims we’ll have the team on it immediately and you’ll be in the loop every step of the way.


How do I sign up with Slice?

We will be launching soon! You’ll be able to sign up for coverage via our website, or via the Apple and Google Play stores by downloading the Slice Insurance app (coming soon).


Do you have any other products?

Yes, we will be rolling out more products to cover the on-demand economy - from rideshare to personal services to dog walkers, we will provide coverage.

What’s the catch?

There is isn’t one. You are fully and properly covered by a  commercial insurance policy for the time you are acting as a business, period! Of course, you only pay for it the way you earn your money, on a per-use basis, which just makes so much more sense.


Homeshare Specific FAQs

Everyone who rents their home on a homeshare platform needs insurance. Slice offers complete coverage options for homeshare Hosts; especially for Hosts who list their properties on multiple sites. Remember, with Slice, you only pay for coverage for the time you’re renting your home, not a minute or penny more.

Who needs this policy?

Homeowners insurance policies have many restrictions and conditions regarding use of the home for a business. Short-term rental of the residence is generally not covered by homeowners policies. In most cases, a commercial insurance policy is required, but those can be prohibitively expensive. The bottom line is that Slice is filling a large gap in the current market.

Why do I need homeshare insurance?

Doesn’t the homeshare site I am using cover me?

Not fully. Not properly. Not in the way you need protection. Whether the platform provides a Host Guarantee or Commercial General Liability Insurance, the key problems are:

  • You are not the “Named Insured”, which means you have no policy rights
  • The complete terms, conditions and limits of coverage are unknown
  • Claims are submitted via the platform instead of directly to an insurer
  • It is not primary insurance and in some cases, it’s not actually insurance

How much coverage do I get with Slice?

  • Property insurance is covered to the full replacement cost of the home, additional structures and  all contents.
  • Commercial liability for a limit of $2,000,000

Note: The Slice policy is “primary and noncontributory”, meaning Slice will pay the entire claim, without first requiring another insurer to make payment.

How does Slice homeshare insurance work with my homeowners insurance?

The Slice policy is “primary and noncontributory”. That means it operates independently of annual homeowners insurance policies and will be the first policy to respond to your loss. There is no requirement to report losses to the homeowners insurer.

How much is it?

Slice insurance is extremely reasonable for proper coverage and peace of mind for just dollars a night.

How does the homeshare per use coverage work?

Each time a Host accepts a rental, the Slice policy will automatically begin and end in perfect sync with the number of nights rented. Register your property and add coverage whenever you need it by logging into the app or simply by texting us “tomorrow, 2 nights”, for example.