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Reshaping Insurance

Get good ideas off the ground.

We’ve adapted to deliver collaboration and innovation with partners virtually. Learn how collaboration + design thinking works in a virtual environment. Our Virtual Hackathon methodology consists of three personalized sessions.

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Phase 1: Understand

We help identify the right team members and facilitate introduction to the virtual approach to create a shared knowledge base.


Phase 2: Ideate

Ideation and hackathon activities are engaging, collaborative and time-boxed to drive the same product innovation as can be achieved in-person generating a broad range of ideas.


Phase 3: Decide

We integrate the best-fit virtual collaboration tools to drive desired outcomes and finalize the direction.

Our Virtual Hackathons offer:


We personalise each hackathon from start to finish for each carrier/partner.


The ability to transform customer experiences with our innovative technology.


An opportunity for your teams to work side-by-side with our insurtech experts.


A hand-crafted destination for focus and innovation.

On demand insurance delivered

We’ve partnered with many carriers to deliver on-demand insurance. These products were built on our Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform and using our hackathon methodology. ICS is transforming insurance carriers around the world into digital insurers offering customized on-demand, pay-as-you-go insurance products.

Sompo + Line

This partnership brings new on-demand, pay-per-use travel insurance, advanced financial services, payments, and insurance platforms to the Asia Pacific region.


Our award winning product – AXA XL Cyber Insurance offered by Slice – is comprehensive coverage for small to mid-sized businesses.


Working with Duuo (of The Co-operators) 6 different insurance products are now in market: event, vendor, short-term rental, rent-my-stuff and tenant.

We believe in meeting customers where they are at with innovative technologies that support their lifestyles. Slice ICS is an incredible asset that has positioned SOMPO to develop and implement a progressive product solution within a short timeframe.

Patrick Chin

Head of Digital and Branding, Asia Pacific, SOMPO


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