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General FAQs

Who is Slice?

Slice is a technology company committed to delivering insurance differently. We started with offering an on-demand insurance experience that can be curated for any lifestyle. We also enable insurers and tech companies to build truly intelligent and intuitive on-demand digital insurance product offerings via our Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform. Companies can also leverage Slice Mind, an insight engine to help turn data into action.

If insurance is our bread, on-demand is our butter. Perfect combo!

What is on-demand insurance and how is it different than traditional insurance?

We live in an on-demand world, you used to have to buy an album now you just subscribe to the service and you just get the music you want without having to really think about purchasing the song. With Uber you click a button and a car shows up. Insurance has to move into this type of experience. Unfortunately, customers still have to fill out a five-page application, phone a call center and wait two weeks to hear back. We’re matching the experience of where the world is going.

How do I contact Slice?

Please visit for contact options.

Our On-Demand Products

We offer a variety of on-demand (usage based) products. Homeshare insurance, rideshare insurance, and small to medium size business cyber insurance. We’ve divided out the FAQs by product.

We have a few other on-demand products we will roll out in the future, so stay tuned.

Homeshare FAQs

Homeshare FAQs

Who needs this policy?

Everyone who rents their home on a homeshare platform needs insurance. Slice offers complete coverage options for homeshare Hosts; especially for Hosts who list their properties on multiple sites. Remember, with Slice, you only pay for coverage for the time you’re renting your home, not a minute or penny more.

Why do I need homeshare insurance?

Homeowners insurance policies have many restrictions and conditions regarding your use of the home for a business. Short-term rental of the residence is generally not covered by homeowners policies. In most cases, a commercial insurance policy is required, but those can be prohibitively expensive. The bottom line is that Slice is filling a large gap in the current market.

Doesn’t the homeshare site I’m using cover me?

Not fully. Not properly. Not in the way you need protection. Whether the platform provides a Host Guarantee or Commercial General Liability Insurance, the key problems are:

  • You are not the “Named Insured”, which means you have no policy rights
  • The complete terms, conditions and limits of coverage are unknown
  • Claims are submitted via the platform instead of directly to an insurer
  • It is not primary insurance and in some cases, it’s not actually insurance
How much coverage do I get with Slice?
  • Property insurance is covered to the full replacement cost of the home, additional structures and all contents.
  • Commercial liability for a limit of $2,000,000
  • The policy includes coverage for things like infestation, loss of income, breakage of valuables, damage to electronics, theft, and more. Details available in our Homeshare Policy Summary.

Note: The Slice policy is “primary and noncontributory”, meaning Slice will pay the entire claim, without first requiring another insurer to make payment.

How does Slice homeshare insurance work with my homeowners insurance?

The Slice policy is “primary and noncontributory”. That means it operates independently of annual homeowners insurance policies and will be the first policy to respond to your loss. There is no requirement to report losses to your homeowners insurance company.

How much is it?

Affordable. Insurance from Slice averages only $7 / night, depending upon how much coverage you purchase. It’s primary, comprehensive protection in your name only, for a very affordable price. Like we said. Affordable.

What homesharing platforms do you provide coverage for? What if I don’t see my platform?

There are a growing number of short-term rental platforms used by Hosts for Homesharing. Right now Slice provides homeshare insurance coverage to customers renting through a sharing network company.

The following is a list of our currently approved Homesharing platforms: AirBnB, One Fine Stay, VRBO, Home Away, Flip Key, Evolve Vacation Rental Network, Bud+Breakfast, Gameday Housing, Beach Reunion Group Rentals, Sabbatical Homes, Vacation Rental Estates, CryptoCribs, Masters Housing, Wanderful, Vacasa, Misterb&b and Fireball Approves.

If you are using a platform/provider not included above please contact our Customer Support Team and provide the name and web address of the platform so we can review for possible inclusion on this list and within the Slice Homeshare app.

Are your insurance policies Admitted or Non-admitted policies?

We issue non-admitted policies in the Excess and Surplus Lines market.

Slice is backed by Great Lakes Insurance SE (a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich RE) that holds the same strong rating and financial strength of the Munich Re Group: A+ (Superior) as rated by A.M. Best and AA- (Very strong) by S&P.

When will Homeshare coverage be available in my state?

Slice is in all states, but Kentucky and New York. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date with Slice.

How far in advance do I have to purchase a policy for a stay?

Homeshare users can Add a stay and purchase a policy up to 1 year in advance and have until midnight of the scheduled stay start date (guest arrival date) to complete the purchase.

What if I purchase a policy for a stay and then need to cancel it because the stay was cancelled? Do I get a refund?

Policies may be deleted/cancelled until 11:59pm of the scheduled policy start date (guest arrival date). Once cancelled, the full policy premium is immediately refunded to the payment card. Note that a policy cannot be cancelled for refund once the start date has passed. The policy premium is fully earned and retained once the policy becomes effective.

How to -> From the Stays dashboard, select the Stay, and a trash can with the text ‘Delete stay/policy’ will be displayed below the Stay information on the ‘You’re Covered’ screen. Select the trash can and then the ‘Delete’ button to confirm the deletion of the Stay. The Stay will be deleted and you should receive a confirmation email.

How does the per use coverage work?

Slice provides coverage on-demand, and only for the periods of time you need it. Your Slice policy puts you in control, and you only pay for the time your policy is active. No slice of time is too long. We are here when you need us.

Will I have proof of coverage?

Without a doubt! Your coverage can be viewed via mobile or desktop web app. Print a PDF version if you prefer something more tangible.

How do I file a claim?

Ha! We thought you'd never ask. You are able to enter your claim right in the Slice web app. Provide a few details and it's underway.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one. You are fully and properly covered by a commercial insurance policy for the time you are acting as a business, period! Of course, you only pay for it on a per-use basis, just like your customers pay for your services, which makes so much more sense.

Cyber FAQs

Cyber FAQs

Who Is Cyber Insurance For?

Slice Cyber Insurance is for small to medium sized businesses that take digital threats seriously.

How do I know if my business is right for Cyber Insurance?

In order to qualify for coverage, your business must not exceed more than $20 million in revenue on an annual basis.

What is the maximum policy limit?

The max policy limit is $3 million.

What is the coverage period?

Coverage begins at the time and date of when you start the subscription and continues until you cancel. We may cancel this insurance at any time by following the cancellation rules described in the Conditions. Our cyber policies are subscription based. Your rate is determined based on your business type and size. Payments are done monthly.

How do I file a claim?

A claim can be filed right from the dashboard of your account.

When will Cyber be available in my state?

We are constantly working on increasing coverage areas. Patience is the name of the game here. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of when coverage is available to you. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date with Slice.

Rideshare FAQs

Rideshare FAQs

Who needs Rideshare coverage?

Every person who participants in a rideshare platform such as Uber or Lyft.

Why do I need rideshare insurance?

To protect your liability for bodily injury to passengers or pedestrians and to protect your liability for damage to property.

Doesn’t my personal auto insurance cover me?

The short answer is no. Your personal automobile insurance policy has a very specific exclusion stating that there is no coverage for carrying persons or property for a fee.

Doesn’t my rideshare platform cover me?
  • The rideshare platform policy does not adequately protect you.
  • You are not the Named Insured (meaning it’s not your name on the policy) and therefore have no rights under the policy.
  • The policy only responds on an excess or contingent basis, which means you must first attempt to make a claim from other insurance.
  • The coverage is not sufficiently broad: the limit of liability is only $1,000,000 and there is no coverage for the physical damage to your vehicle.
How much coverage do I get with Slice?

The Slice policy provides $2,000,000 third party liability, state-mandated “PIP” (personal injury protection) and physical damage coverage to your vehicle, up to its actual cash value.

How does Slice rideshare insurance work with my auto insurance?

Slice’s coverage takes over for your personal auto insurance during the time you are conducting rideshare work. We cover from “app on” to “app off” with no requirement that you first attempt to claim from other insurance.

How much is it?

We are still ironing out the pricing. Pricing will vary from state to state, but will always be usage based.

How does the rideshare per use coverage work?

Slice coverage kicks in when you start working as a rideshare driver, and you only pay for coverage for the time you’re working—from “app on” to “app off” in perfect sync with your rideshare revenue.

Will a claim with Slice affect my annual personal insurance policy?

No. Slice provides you with a COMMERCIAL auto policy during the period you are conducting rideshare work. As such, any claims made against our policy are not reported to databases accessible by your personal automobile insurer.

Our Platform & Technology

But wait... there's more! We are huge believers in collaboration here at Slice, that's why we have our Launch Studio in Toronto. Leveraging our Insurance Cloud Services platform, the Launch Studio is a place where ideas, technology, and insurers come together. But it doesn't stop there. We also have Slice Mind, a division of Slice, which has an insight engine powered by behavioral science, AI and machine learning data engine.



What is ICS?

ICS is our flagship product. ICS stands for Insurance Cloud Services and it delivers a digital platform unlike any other. ICS changes the experience and exchange between insurers and customers.

Slice Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform is transforming insurance carriers into digital insurers offering customized on-demand, pay-as-you-go insurance products. Top global insurers have launched on-demand insurance products using ICS instead of investing in infrastructure and employees to build an entirely new business unit. Insurers leverage the flexibility, scalability, and security of ICS in a high-value subscription model that includes pricing, rating, licensing, claims processing, and automated underwriting. Powered by machine learning and advanced big data technologies along with Ph.D. behavioral science expertise, ICS represents the next chapter in insurance technology innovation enabling insurers to reinvent themselves by launching new digital products within a few weeks. ICS is also the foundation for Slice’s on-demand homeshare insurance product.

What is the cost of ICS?

ICS was priced with your brand in mind. We utilize a low cost, high value subscription model with no long term commitments. For more information on costs, contact us at

Is ICS customizable?

Yes! ICS gives you the power to provide a fully customizable experience to customers with a few key features such as:

  • Shorter time to market
  • On-demand experience—simple to get protected; simple to switch on and off
  • Improved customer service—happier, more loyal customers
  • Reduced operating expenses
What else is supported on ICS?

ICS was built using our own insurance products. We’ve built, tested and deployed them using this same technology. How’s that for a use case?

Ready to get connected?

Contact us at to become a digital insurer today!

Slice Mind FAQs

Slice Mind FAQs

Who is Slice Mind for?

Slice Mind was made for businesses that need their data to work for them. Slice Mind harnesses the power for you to predict, simulate, experiment and nudge customers and their data with our proprietary machine learning insight engine.

Does Slice sell my data?

No. Not ever. We take privacy very seriously and adhere to top of the line standards for data protection.

Can I have a demo of Slice Mind?

So we’ve captured your interest, eh? Sure. Contact us at